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Basic Philosophy

We will support the video industry based on the following nine company lessons.

  • 01

    Make the most of human connections

  • 02

    Find the right people

  • 03

    Give them ideas

  • 04

    Be polite

  • 05

    Take good care of customers

  • 06

    Take care of human relationships

  • 07

    Dedication to work

  • 08

    Each person is responsible for their own work

  • 09

    Aiming to become Japan's number one technical force

Company Overview

Company name Cross TV Vision Co., Ltd
Establishment July 1972
Head Office Location 52-5 Wasedaminamicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative figures President and Representative Director Tetsuo Takami
Capital 50 million yen
Main Business Activities TV programs, commercials, production of video package (VP), planning of programs, commercials, etc.
HD OB Van Production (sports broadcasting, concert broadcasting, etc.), ENG interviewing business (domestic and overseas), video editing, post-processing operations such as MA, CG production, worker dispatching business (13-307970)
Number of employees 175 (as of April 1, 2019)
Affiliates Cross TV Co., Ltd.